parting is such sweet sorrow

thanks for reading.

the end.



Don't look back.
Forget who you are for a moment.
only a moment.
remind yourself of your love, your worth.

it is no longer you who is
you are somebody.

no need for comparison
only compassion
slow down
take your time
tell an old friend of new joys

in a world of steadiness, readiness, harmony.
waiting for your swagger

living freely, hopefully, and forgivingly

embracing the good and the bad
not just in you
but in others
in him
and her.

watching the tree sway
its tenderness and comfort by you
standing near you

love yourself
love the God who made you, shaped you, loves you

be kind. its necessary.


in the event

you don't hear from me until i arrive in the states, may these be yours and mine.



the usual

in the last few days i've:

moved out of the dorm
seen a giant snake

understood prostitution a little better
encountered tons of stray cows
moved to a remote part of hk with people from Finland, England, China, New Zealand, and Ireland
slept only a couple hours each night
finished 3 papers
ate pb&j a lot
took almost no photos
contemplated the future
drank way too much tea
been emailed about two different jobs back in houston
been locked out of a flat for 4 hours
got really lost

went to mainland china for a night
got a 3 hour massage (dont be jealous, she broke my back)
prepared myself to be a victim of human trafficking (i'm fine now)

seen lots of rain
done 3 loads of dishes and cleaned a guys bathroom
ate a lot of bananas
thought about all the people quarantined in China that don't have the swine flu
dreamed of cooking

just like that, i moved from here

to here

and i'm moving again tomorrow.


perfect timing

I didn't think it possible, but it happened; I fell in love and me and Hong Kong will never be the same. And yesterday was my last day of work. It's quickly coming to an end and I'm living up the moments I have left. Well, after I write 4 more papers...

"In the end, it’s our friendships that live in the spaces between our biggest life moments. It’s our friendships that hold the divide between life and love, fear and compassion, doubt and courage. And it’s our friendships that crack open our hearts to the light within ourselves waiting to be seen, to be born." - Kelly Rae Roberts


i represent that remark

This is a sample chart from the Economist which is used as a guide to understanding currencies worldwide in relation to the BIG MAC. In America, the Big Mac costs around $3.57.
I am introduced by people here at work as "Jennifer, the American that doesn't eat McDonalds."

I'm lovin it.

Country U.S. Dollar Purchasing Power Parity



tell me it aint so.

dear papers,

i want to thank you for allowing me to procrastinate as i approach you with great confidence and ability. i have one question for you, will you be the death of me?

sincerely yours for the next 48 hours,
jennifer in china.

p.s. i know where you live.



A hurricane hit Hong Kong two nights ago. They rate typhoons 1,3,8,9, or 10. Makes complete sense huh? This one turned out to be a 9.

It was a beautiful night with everyone rushing to get home.

It was quite uneventful after going through Ike.

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