the usual

in the last few days i've:

moved out of the dorm
seen a giant snake

understood prostitution a little better
encountered tons of stray cows
moved to a remote part of hk with people from Finland, England, China, New Zealand, and Ireland
slept only a couple hours each night
finished 3 papers
ate pb&j a lot
took almost no photos
contemplated the future
drank way too much tea
been emailed about two different jobs back in houston
been locked out of a flat for 4 hours
got really lost

went to mainland china for a night
got a 3 hour massage (dont be jealous, she broke my back)
prepared myself to be a victim of human trafficking (i'm fine now)

seen lots of rain
done 3 loads of dishes and cleaned a guys bathroom
ate a lot of bananas
thought about all the people quarantined in China that don't have the swine flu
dreamed of cooking

just like that, i moved from here

to here

and i'm moving again tomorrow.


  1. no, stay there, it's gorgeous!!!

    the part about you preparing yourself to be a victim of human trafficking is scary. what happened? or were you joking?

    see you soon?

  2. this made me think of that article you posted a link to about whales:


  3. I saw a giant snake too the other day. It was in a cage in a candy store. Truth. I hope your was more frightening and in the wild. I think you are coming home soonish? Today Erin, Rebekah, and I went through the dress-up box in the youth room and saw a bunch of your old clothes...you had a bunch of good little sparkly tube tops back in the day. I miss you


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