perfect timing

I didn't think it possible, but it happened; I fell in love and me and Hong Kong will never be the same. And yesterday was my last day of work. It's quickly coming to an end and I'm living up the moments I have left. Well, after I write 4 more papers...

"In the end, it’s our friendships that live in the spaces between our biggest life moments. It’s our friendships that hold the divide between life and love, fear and compassion, doubt and courage. And it’s our friendships that crack open our hearts to the light within ourselves waiting to be seen, to be born." - Kelly Rae Roberts


  1. love that collage of beautiful pictures! so happy that you have had such a great time!!

  2. i love that dress!!! cute photos. when do you get back?

  3. you never cease to inspire me. i love you and am so glad you found so much to love in hong kong!! happy travels home.


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